Jennifer M. Thompson, LCSW

Holistic Treatment for Adolescents, Adults & Families



Jennifer M. Thompson, LCSW

95 Allens Creek Rd.

Bldg. #2, Suite 17

Rochester, NY 14618

(585) 228-9900

Healing Path Counseling Services

Are you looking for help in exploring a new path or looking for the key to enhancing the path that you are already on? If so, you are in the right place and you have found a therapist that can partner with you in reaching your goals. My name is Jennifer M. Thompson, LCSW and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that is passionate in my holistic therapeutic work with individuals from late adolescence through the end of the lifespan. My office is conveniently located near Twelve Corners in Brighton, which is less than a 20 min drive from most areas of Monroe County in Rochester, NY. I look forward to helping you on a positive path to empowerment, growth, and well-being.  I offer an individualized and holistic approach to focusing on relationships, emotions and developing an improved sense of self and well-being.  I place my clients at the center of their own care. Most clients tell me, "You are not like any therapist that I have ever met before!". I always take this as a compliment. I strive to keep therapy relevant and comfortable. In my practice I provide a safe nurturing setting for clients to explore past concerns, current obstacles, and hopes for the future.  I believe in the ultimate potential and wellness of each individual and that clients have the answers within to overcome negative patterns, thoughts, and emotional blocks. I believe in helping clients get to the bottom of lingering issues to promote whole and complete healing, not just putting a temporary fix to symptoms.

My treatment includes, but is not limited to, working with:

  • distress in relationships, work, or creativity
  • trauma
  • life changes & adjustments
  • infertility and post-partum support
  • personality disorders
  • divorce/separation
  • sexuality issues
  • anxiety & panic attacks/phobias/OCD
  • depression
  • addiction & recovery support
  • sleep issues